Jada Pinkett Smith Says ‘All Eyez On Me’ Reimagines Her Relationship With Tupac And Is ‘Hurtful’

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The Tupac biopic about the iconic rapper’s short life, All Eyez On Me is officially out today, and though reviews are still coming in, Jada Pinkett Smith has some points that she wants to clarify. An early trailer depicted Pac reading a love letter to her, which seems to be a bit of fiction, along with some other elements.

According to Jada, the film takes many liberties with the truth when it comes to her relationship with Tupac, and she took to Twitter to explain why she found this disheartening and wanted to set the record straight:

The film has been in the works for quite some time, even if it was revealed last year that it would be coming out on Tupac’s birthday, 6/16. Jada isn’t the only one who had comments on the film, plenty of his former peers, enemies, and friends have been bickering and fighting in the lead up to its release, which has eclipsed his legacy in some ways.

As far as the actors involved in the film, who Jada also kindly shouts out above, the journey for Dominic Santana, the man who plays Suge Knight, has been quite a transformation. Read about that here for more on the film.