Jaden Smith Deleted His Twitter And Facebook And His Fans Are Having A Nervous Breakdown

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Jaden’s Smith’s tweet game is strong. So strong, in fact, that even those of us who might loosely be termed “haters” are going to suffer from not being able to read his oddly inspirational tweets now that he’s quit Twitter. But the ones who are really suffering are his fans, who are freaking out about the fact that their idol will no longer be condensing his thoughts into 140 characters and allowing them to read every capitalized word. (Conspiracy theory: he deleted his account because trying to capitalize anything on a phone is hell.) (Second conspiracy theory: #Illuminati.)

Smith’s unceremonious exit has wrought some fairly dramatic tweets from his fans, and they’re enough to make anyone want to return. And just so you know he’s serious, Smith’s also deleted his Facebook page and made his Instagram private.

People are really, really upset:

Like, really, really upset. (But maybe ironically?)

No one yet knows the reason why Smith is gone, but there’s been mention of someone named “Liz” influencing the decision. It could also be because someone recently mistook some random drunk dude for Smith on the red carpet:

Source: Complex

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