A Very Pregnant Natalie Portman Is The Star Of James Blake’s Beautiful ‘My Willing Heart’ Video

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03.20.17 2 Comments

You don’t know that “pregnant Natalie Portman floating in a pool” is the perfect accompaniment to James Blake’s “My Willing Heart” until you see it. And once you’ve seen it, you can’t imagine the song from The Colour In Anything alongside anything else.

The beautiful black-and-white video was shot by director Anna Rose Holmer and was filmed mere days before Portman gave birth to her second child, Amalia Millepied. The director of the dance-troupe drama The Fits continues to be excellent at capturing fluid movements, with shots alternating between Portman pulling her best “human submarine” and shots of the actress rubbing her swollen belly in bed. Give it a watch up top.

The video is the latest reminder that James Blake has really, really famous friends. In spite of the indie-centric appeal of his downbeat electronic records, his stellar record as a producer has brought him into some pretty exclusive circles. He’s been hanging with Kanye West and Chance The Rapper since way back, but apparently the English producer’s reach expands well beyond Chicago. In the last year, he’s worked with everyone from Vince Staples to Frank Ocean.

The former actually premiered the track at one of Blake’s already legendary live sets, dropping an extra verse on the Blake song “Timeless” in front of a crowd at Glastonbury.

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