James Corden Performed With Coldplay On His Show Because He Can

You may think of James Corden as the late night talk show host who answers the question “what if you combined Jimmy Fallon and David Brent from The Office?” Nevertheless, he’s made a habit of getting huge musicians on his show, and, more often than not, shoehorns his way into performing with them. Hey, it’s a crazy late night party! Anything can happen! Even if you don’t necessarily want it to!

Coldplay, one of the most popular bands in the world, visited Corden’s show on Monday night to promote their new album, A Head Full of Dreams. It’s a psychedelic, candy-colored romp, which has become the go-to aesthetic for the Brit-rockers. They played a couple of songs on the show, one of them featuring a certain talk show host.

The band played “Adventure of a Lifetime” their single off the album, but they also played the titular song, which featured Corden plinking away at the piano. Which, you know, it’s his show and he can do what he wants. Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves, and it’s not like Corden has no idea how to play the piano or sing, for that matter, as he formerly starred in musicals.

In the end, watch these videos if you want to see Coldplay play a couple new songs or wonder what it’s like to record with Beyoncé.

(Via Stereogum)