Denis Leary And James Corden Give The ‘Assh*le’ Song A Donald Trump Makeover

As the general election draws nearer with each passing day, it appears the expressed sentiments regarding a certain ex-reality star have shifted from cloaked jabs to the most overt denunciations. Just as our current POTUS has plainly decreed Donald Trump “unfit” for the presidency, James Corden released a similar blunt and candid condemnation. Though, his was perhaps just a bit more audacious.

Hosting Denis Leary on his Late Late Show Wednesday night, the duo reimagined Leary’s 1994 single, “Asshole,” drawing inspiration from their views on the Republican presidential hopeful. Dressed as Bill and Hillary Clinton on a stage reminiscent of the DNC in Philadelphia, the pair express themselves through song. More specifically, a song entitled, “Trump’s an Asshole.” A Bill Clinton-clad Leary prefaces the ditty by asserting to the audience, “Folks, I’d like to sing a song about the American dream. About me, about you and about Donald Trump and that special feeling we get whenever he speaks.”

It’s not difficult to guess what the Clinton doppelgänger notes as “that special feeling,” as after condemning some of the not so great actions of the Clintons in the past (i.e. the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Hillary Clinton’s previous opinions on LGBT rights), Corden exclaims, “no matter how bad, how bad we can be” with Leary finishing with “we’ve never called Mexicans rapists on TV.” Together they then sing poignantly to the crowd the chorus of the tune, “Trump’s an asshole! He’s an asshole! What an asshole!”

Their mouths veiled with miniature American flags during the annunciation of the repeated expletive, the song continues as a highlight reel of some of Trump’s actions. From asking Russia to “hack the U.S.A.” to saying “that [his] daughter is someone [he] wants to date,” the audience gets a rather comprehensive list of Trump’s behavior and words that allow him to deserve the asshole moniker.

Ending with a kiss shared betwixt the two, and of course a balloon drop to the delight of Bill Clinton’s impersonator, the song ultimately leaves little left unsaid of the Republican nominee. It’ll be hard to rival a sentiment as clear as this one, but with the election only a few months away, I’m confident others will try.