James Corden Entered The Ridiculous Kim-Kanye-Taylor Feud On ‘The Late Late Show’

Even with all that’s happening in the world — a refugee crisis, terrorism, racial injustices, the murders of law enforcement officials, and a potentially apocalyptic election season — everyone just really wants to offer their opinion on Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s ongoing feud (est. 2009). And really, that’s fine, sometimes we need a blowoff, frankly.

As you probably know, that feud was brought to the next level over the weekend, when Kim Kardashian slyly released Snapchats of Swift and West speaking amicably over the phone prior to the release of West’s controversial song, “Famous.” The footage reveals that Swift did, in fact, know about at least most of the lyrical content and was not nearly as blindsided as her reps suggested she had been after the song was released.

James Corden, host of The Late Late Show on CBS, also felt compelled to address the viral drama that has ensued. He quipped to the audience that, “Most of the world is getting their news from Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat” (which, frankly seems like it might be an accurate assessment) and later muses, “does Kim Kardashian ever record something where someone doesn’t get screwed?” referring back to her early ’00s sex tape. After explaining the drama to his audience, Corden shows a new edit of the Snaps seen around the world — swapping himself for Taylor, and making it much more humorous. At least one guy is still at the Taylor Swift Party.