James Franco Wrote An Entire Book On Lana Del Rey

James Franco continues to dicknose the world. His latest mind-boggling project is a book about singer/walking Urban Outfitters ad Lana Del Rey.

It’s fitting that the avatar of celebrity art-hipster nonsense is obsessed with a person whose celebrity revolves around her manufactured “hip” aura.

Franco’s new book, Flip-Side: Real and Imaginary Conversations with Lana Del Rey, will further Franco’s ongoing obsession with the starlet. He’s already written a poem/profile on Rey for V Magazine.

All we know about the book is that it’ll be 100 pages and is out on March 15, 2016 from Penguin Random House. Pre-orders are ongoing, but you might want to wait. Knowing Franco, the pages might be blank.

(Via Stereogum)