Janet Jackson Reveals Her Postponed Tour Is Back On Track In A Special Message To Fans

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Janet Jackson has spent a few months out of the public eye after giving birth to her first child, a baby boy named Eissa, in January. Last year she canceled her planned world tour in anticipation of becoming a mother, but the cancellation after tickets had already been sold caused quite the uproar among fans and eventually a fan filed a lawsuit against Live Nation over the fact that no tickets were refunded. With a video posted late Monday night though, Janet has hopefully put those issues behind her as she’s announced that her tour is not only back on track but a confirmed date for the start: September 7th of this year.

It even has a new name, having been renamed the “State of the World Tour.” But it isn’t about politics she says, just people. Just as she promised, she says to her fans in the special message, everything is back to normal after her time away. In the video, Janet also confirms some rumors that have been flying around in regards to her marriage. Yes, she and her husband are indeed separated and in court to finalize things legally. However she seems genuinely at peace with the dissolution of the relationship and is letting things unfold as God wants them to unfold without stressing about what the legal outcome might be.

Her mood in the message appears to be authentic and happy, which is a lovely thing for the singer’s fans to see after she has had so many ups and downs over the years. She even jokes about how she might look a little different because of the baby weight she put on and hasn’t quite lost yet. The message is alternately humorous, heartwarming, meandering, and touching. In other words, exactly how Janet’s fans want to see her at all times.

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