Janet Jackson Kicked Off Her ‘Unbreakable’ Tour With A New Song With Missy Elliott

Janet Jackson kicked off her Unbreakable tour with a 32-song (!!!) set in Vancouver on Aug. 31. While fans were no doubt excited to hear “Nasty” and “All For You,” the most-interesting song might have been the one she opened with, a previously unheard number featuring Missy Elliott.

The song (possibly called “Burn It Up”) was one of three new tracks played at the tour opener and featured Missy in full-on MC mode, not so much rapping as urging the crowd to get into it. The new track isn’t the first time that Ms. Jackson and Miss E have collaborated. The duo met up for “Son Of A Gun” on the 2001 album All For You.

Together, they are almost a summit on overlooked artists. Both Janet and Missy have legacies greater than they are given credit for.

Janet hasn’t shared much from her upcoming album, also called Unbreakable. But you should expect to have more new music to go alongside “No Sleep” and that snippet of “The Great Forever.” Janet has shown she’s comfortable with showing off her latest music and with a massive tour to get through, we’ll have HQ recordings of the new music in no time.

(Via Stereogum)