Janet Jackson Celebrates Her Birthday By Announcing A New Album And World Tour

05.16.15 4 years ago 5 Comments

Saturday is Janet Jackson’s 49th birthday and she decided to celebrate the occasion by dropping some major news on her fans and the music industry. Entertainment Tonight reported that late Friday night Jackson dropped a video on her Twitter account announcing big things for her this year, including a new album and a world tour.

Jackson’s tweet included the hashtag #ConversationsInACafe, leading some to speculate this is the album’s title, which is not exactly the most complicated bit of dot connecting. It has been a while since Jackson has delivered anything new to her fans. Her last album, Discipline, came out in 2008 and she hasn’t toured since 2011. As such, given Jackson’s status as a music legend, this is pretty big news.

It’s also pretty sparse news, as all we know at the moment is that there will be new music and there will be a world tour. Any further details will likely come about as time presses on.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)

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