Jason Isbell Dusts Off Drive-By Truckers ‘Outfit’ And Turns It Into A Stirring Singalong

It took a while, but it is safe to say that Jason Isbell’s solo career has successfully eclipsed his work with Drive-By Truckers. As a member of the beloved Southern rock band for much of the aughts, Isbell graduated from hired guitarist to a full-fledged songwriting member of the group during his time there, but his work as a solo artist has turned him into a genuine outlaw country star. And, it’s not surprising that Isbell has largely left his Trucker days in the past, usually just dusting off a track or two from those days in recent concerts.

One of his oldies that he is fond of playing is “Outfit,” from Drive-By Truckers’ 2003 record Decoration Day, the first album that Isbell appeared as a songwriter for the group. Recently, Isbell was awarded the artist-in-residence distinction at Nashville’s Country Music Hall Of Fame, and the cornerstone of the programming was three Isbell appearances to wrap up 2017. He opted for very different performances across those dates, with one stripped-down and intimate and another featuring the entire 400 Unit.

The 400 Unit’s run through “Outfit” is not faithful to the electrified album version, instead unveiled as the kind of earnest group singalong that you’d expect out of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Check it out in the video above, via Rolling Stone.

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