Jason Isbell And George Saunders Come Together To Discuss Art And Geek Out Over Each Other

10.18.17 1 year ago

Sports fans often wonder what it would be like if two of their favorite players had been on the same team, or competed in the same era, because it’s fun to think about what could happen when extraordinary talents come together. It turns out this is pretty fun to do in other areas of entertainment too: Heck, our own Steven Hyden just picked his modern day version of the Traveling Wilburys country supergroup.

GQ had a similar idea when they decided to introduce country singer Jason Isbell and author George Saunders to each other, since they’re two of the best in their respective fields, and fans of each other’s work. What resulted is an hour-long conversation between two creative forces that touched on the nature of art, ambition, and other interesting topics. Watch the whole thing here.

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