Jayson Wynters Returns With The Golden Ratio Techno Of ‘One Hundred N Forty’

02.08.18 1 year ago

Birmingham’s Jayson Wynters returns with another release for London-based label Don’t Be Afraid. “One Hundred N Forty” is the first track off of Wynters’ Industrial Espionage EP. You can hear the song above.

As the title suggests (a reference to techno’s penchants for songs at 140bpm), the uptempo track is all about forward movement, honing in on a steady clip of a minimal bass and snare beat. Whirrs of synth slowly charge up as the song progresses, building in the mix and lending a spacey atmosphere to the track.

Wynters got his start as a garage MC before gravitating over to his current role as a DJ and producer. His first release was the Unfamiliar Territories EP via Phoenix G records in 2016. Last year he followed that EP up with his first release for Don’t Be Afraid, Double Standards.

The upcoming Industrial Espionage EP is Wynters’ second release for Don’t Be Afraid and furthers his pioneering experimental techno sound. The producer just recently gave listeners an idea of where his head is at musically when he guested on Josey Rebelle’s RinseFM show, opening the set with a new Daniel Avery track.

Industrial Espionage is out on 3/16 via Don’t Be Afraid. You can pre-order the EP here. Checkout the tracklist below.

1. “Beta (Version)”
2. “One Hundred N Forty”
3. “Into The Void”
4. “The Kansei Method”

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