Jay Electronica Lends Dave East A Rare Verse On The Introspective ‘No Hoodie (Nothin’ To Lose)’

Dave East‘s debut album Survival arrived a month ago, but East is closing out 2019 with his latest track “No Hoodie (Nothin’ To Lose)” with Jay Electronica and help on the chorus from 070 Phi. The track is Jay Electronica’s most recent feature since appearing on Poo Bear’s “Hard 2 Face Reality” last year. That said, “No Hoodie (Nothin’ To Lose)” is the most vulnerable we have seen East rapping on a track. The song is reportedly part of a rollout with the charitable organization Hoodies For The Homeless. The organization raises awareness of homelessness.

Over a dark, sped-up trap beat, East talks over the beat to start the song, stating that “I ain’t had nowhere to go.” With descriptive wordplay, East paints a vivid picture of his life was before he began rapping. East recounts sleeping on the train and “wanting to rob everybody I know.” Admitting he’s “stuck in the hood,” East realizes his mental health is damaged as he deals with his circumstances. With a little help from 070 Phi, East continues his introspective bars on the song’s chorus before Jay Electronica closes the song.

“I mastered the dark nights, Christian Bale,” Electronica raps. “Tryna find home like Dorothy Gale / In the land of the free and the home of the brave / Well that’s just cap, we lost in Hell.”

Recently, East appeared in one of Megan Thee Stallion’s web series as well, while Electronica still has yet to release a full solo project.

Listen to “No Hoodie (Nothin’ To Lose)” in the clip above and stream Survival here.

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