Jay Electronica Announced Listening Sessions For ‘A Written Testimony’

It’s hard to blame fans for the skepticism and doubt some expressed when Jay Electronica announced his debut album would be “releasing in 40 days” last month. His debut release was first reported as complete back in 2011 and since then, repeated delays turned it into what seemed like a shelved product. Over the weeks that followed, however, fans have slowly accepted that a Jay Electronica album really is coming, and on Tuesday we learned that it will finally be heard very soon.

Tidal revealed Tuesday night that Jay Electronica would hold listening sessions for his upcoming album, which Tidal revealed is called ‘A Written Testimony,” on Thursday. Three cities would get the right to hear the album a bit early: Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York. Based on this announcement, it could be assumed that the album will be made available, most likely as a Tidal exclusive, on midnight the next day, giving it an official release date of March 13.

But after nearly a decade of waiting, it’s probably best not to assume that just yet. The announcement also came after Jay posted a snippet of the production we may hear on ‘A Written Testimony.’

It also follows a picture from Guru that depicts him in the studio alongside Jay Electronica and Jay Z.