Jay-Z And Kanye’s Watch The Throne Documentary Will Make You Wish You Could Be Friends With Them

07.22.11 8 years ago 5 Comments

I’ve mentioned previously how intrigued I’ve been by the slow rollout of Watch The Throne Jay-Z and Kanye West have pulled off. We’re just a bunch of hungry sharks and they’re a couple of guys drinking expensive champagne on a yacht tossing some bloody chum into the water every now and again to keep us circling the boat. As someone endlessly fascinated by marketing and human behavior, it’s been quite fun to watch them masterfully manipulate the internet buzz machine.

So after leaking “Otis,” the first single off the album, earlier this week and with still more than a week to go before it officially goes on sale August 1, you didn’t think that they were done, did you? Of course not! So, here this afternoon the two posted a short (10 minutes) Watch the Throne documentary on Vimeo. Included within are: Scenes from Jay-Z’s birthday dinner in which Kanye gifts him with framed original art from Monster and a ring/letter stamper of some sort, the two superstars discuss album concepts at a Beyonce photo shoot, Russell Crowe makes a cameo, and there’s also some footage of the recording of the album. It’s kind of cool. Watch it after the jump…

(HT: Dubra)

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