Jay Z Invited A 12-Year-Old Holding A ‘Can I Rap For You?’ Sign On Stage With Him

01.07.14 5 years ago

“Can I rap for you?” Jay Z must hear that as many times a day as a doctor gets, “Would you mind taking a look at this?” But on Sunday night, during a show in Greensboro, North Carolina, he was in a good enough mood that he plucked one youngster holding a sign asking if he could show off his skills to Hova out of the crowd.

Bringing the boy up in front of thousands of fans, he then instructed him on how to perform “Clique,” a track Jay Z recorded with Kanye West.

He performed a family-friendlier version of the track, without “the drug dealing part.” Jay Z is SUCH a dad. Anyway, after the thousands of cell phones were momentarily put down and he finished his verse, Jay’s future competition asked his idol, “Can I meet you backstage?” (Hey, doctor, would you mind taking a look at this…and getting rid of this horrible burning problem I’m having, free of charge?) Daring move. Props, kid.

(Banner via Getty Image, via NME)

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