Jay Z Swatted A Selfie-Seeker Away From Beyonce In A Real-Life 2016 Update Of ‘The Bodyguard’

08.23.16 2 years ago

Let’s say you’re just a dude, out strolling the streets of New York City on a delightfully pleasant Sunday night in mid-August, popping into H&M to pick up some fresh threads for the fall and you catch wind that Jay Z and Beyonce are in the neighborhood. What do you do? You obviously run in their direction, of course! In this case, the direction was the SVA Theatre in the neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan. You book it, holding fast to the hopes of many that you might catch a glimpse of American royalty and if you’re lucky, maybe you get a picture with one of them (probably Beyonce, no offense Jay.)

Of all the scenarios that run through your head as you huff and puff toward the SVA Theater, getting swatted away by Jay Z himself was probably not one of them. That’s because you have grossly underestimated Jay Z’s role as a protective spouse. And he went full-on Bodyguard for this one.

Long story short, this is exactly what went down Monday night.

Homeboy in the camo shirt goes in for the selfie…

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.47.56 AM

And he’s probably feeling pretty good about himself until…


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.48.09 AM

Insert Jay stage left to yank this dude with the quickness. Get outta here with your selfies buddy! No, not Jay, he’s not for play.

We’re looking forward to Bey’s next movie project* following this episode.

*which is not happening but would be great.

(Via TMZ)

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