Premiere: Jaymes Young’s Glitchy New Single ‘Don’t You Know’ Is Dripping With Infatuation

Managing Editor, Music

Jaymes Young is a Seattle-born producer who relocated to the heat of shimmering LA back in 2013. Since heading south, he released the Dark Star EP and album set, and helped establish himself as one of the rising singer/songwriters in the ever-growing intersection between folk and electronic music. For Young, the emphasis will remain on his songwriting before performing, and his latest glitchy track “Don’t You Know” is another example of that.

“‘Don’t You Know’ was written one night a few summers ago, and I remember it was so hot in my house that I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up and wrote,” Young said of the track. “I think a little bit of my sweat ended up in the song.” It definitely contains the same veiled desire as his other new track, “Stoned On You,” but this one might be even more explicit about its intentions, building jittery synths and a pounding beat into an intensive chorus that is practically dripping with infatuation.

Following up his Dark Star releases, Young put out the 2015 EP Habits Of My Heart, but this track is the first track off his official debut album, Feel Something, which will be out 6/23 via Atlantic Records. Listen to the single up above and watch for more coming from this fierce, passionate new songwriter. In the meantime, check out the title track from his record here.

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