Because It Had To Exist, Here’s ‘Go Ligety,’ The Olympic Skiing Tribute To Blackstreet

If you’re like me (or, I’m assuming, any other red-blooded human being) you remember and love Blackstreet’s seminal 1996 hit ‘No Diggity.’ The video is one of the most 1990s things in existence. R&B singers in overalls! Dr. Dre in an Emmett Smith jersey! Lil’ Penny-inspired marionettes that can play piano!

Because ‘No Diggity’ should be remembered and honored forever, the most 1990s of clothing stores — JC Penney — has brought back the tune and given it parody lyrics in support of US Olympic Skier Ted Ligety. YEAH THEY HAVE. Sometimes you’re a guy who works for JC Penny and you think “Ligety” sounds like “Diggity” and you’re gonna make this happen whether they think it’s a good idea or not, God dammit.

You won’t find a 90s R&B/skiing parody anthem better than ‘Go Ligety’ this year, unless Sears makes ‘Ain’t Gonna Hurt No Bode,’ my tribute to Bode Miller in the style of Kid N Play. Until then, enjoy!