Jeff Rosenstock Gifted A Secret Track To The Old School Fans That Bought A ‘Post-‘ CD

02.23.18 1 year ago


Jeff Rosenstock caught fans by surprise when he dropped a brand new album called Post-, digitally on New Years’ Day, with physical pre-orders available for purchase. Now, those that ordered physical copies are starting to receive them in the mail, and it would seem that the CD version of the album features a hidden, unreleased track that was tacked onto the end of the record, after the closing notes of “Let Them Win” fade into the ether. Call it a surprise within a surprise.

The track was subsequently ripped from the CD and posted to on Reddit by user Blazechimp, and is certainly weirder than anything else that Rosenstock has released to date. Although the song does not have an title yet, the chorus sees Rosenstock repeating the lines “threw him up against the wall,” accented by saxophone melodies. It features more ambient electronic elements than the rest of Post-, as well as Rosenstock’s signature glockenspiel that was surprisingly absent on the remainder of the record. Check out the track below.

Post- is out now on Polyvinyl Records. Pick it up here and check out Steven Hyden’s chat with Rosenstock about the record’s creation here. Additionally, Rosenstock is on tour now, and you don’t want to miss it.

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