Jennifer Lopez Recruits Cardi B And DJ Khaled For The Latin Trap Single ‘Dinero’

If you’re looking for a couple of featured artists to include on a song that you’re hoping becomes a hit, who do you seek out? A couple of names that immediately come to mind are Cardi B, who is currently one of hip-hop’s strongest forces, and DJ Khaled, who has become a constant presence on the charts. Jennifer Lopez knows this, so she grabbed the two and put them on her new single, “Dinero.”

The song capitalizes on the current popularity of Latin music in pop by incorporating that influence with a trap-flavored instrumental. “Quiero dinero,” the song’s primary phrase, translates to “I want money,” and getting Cardi B and Khaled on the song is seemingly a good way to fulfill that desire.

The song opens with, along with DJ Khaled saying “another one” and other DJ Khaled things, Lopez singing, “Me and Benjamín Franco stay at the banco / Getting checks like Nike, everywhere that I go / If you ain’t getting no pesos, ¿qué estás haciendo? / Stack it up like Legos, quiero dinero.” During Cardi’s verse, she references the similarities between her background and that of Lopez, wrapping up her verse, “Two bad b-tches that came from the Bronx / Cardi from the pole and Jenny from the block.”

Lopez is set to perform at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20, so perhaps we’ll be hearing this song performed live very soon.

Listen to “Dinero” above.