Jennifer Lopez Could Go To Prison In Morocco For Shaking Her Most Famous Asset

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Jennifer Lopez shook her butt onstage during a concert in Morocco, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. It happens every day, and the world continues upon its normal course. When JLo shakes her tush in Europe, a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon jungle two weeks later, thereby causing a typhoon in Japan. This is how nature works.

Morocco officials took issue with nature’s gift to man after a JLo performance landed on public television. TMZ says the north African nation is suing the JLo rear and its concert promoter:

Jennifer Lopez shook her legendary ass so hard, she damn near started a revolution in the streets of Morocco … if you buy the new lawsuit she’s facing.

J.Lo performed in the north African nation on May 29, and it was broadcast on public TV. The concert featured all the hallmarks of what we’d call a typical J.Lo show — sexy dancing, skimpy outfits, appropriate emphasis on her ass … and her dancers’ asses.

Problem is … according to this lawsuit, all those things have no business airing on Moroccan TV. The suit was filed by an education group which says Ms. Lopez “disturbed public order and tarnished women’s honor and respect.”

If Lopez is found guilty, she could receive a prison term of up to 2 years. Never mind how the tush has visited Morocco on previous occasions with no consequence. Minister of Communication Mustapha Khalfi spoke on the seriousness of the charges. Multiple viewers reportedly complained about JLo’s “suggestive poses” and “visible undergarments.”

No word on whether Lopez was performing the “Booty” single when this ungracious act occurred, though it doesn’t matter. The Lopez butt shall shake no matter what! (Via TMZ & IBTimes)

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