Jenny Lewis Spoofs Her Child-Star Past In The ‘She’s Not Me’ Music Video

Jenny Lewis is the exception to the rule. She was a child star who probably should have quit and become an accountant after the embarrassment that is The Wizard was released in 1989. But Lewis kept going for another decade, when she became a musician and started releasing albums with Rilo Kiley. At no point did she get in trouble with the law, or turn into Edward Furlong.

Lewis mocks her acting past in the video for “She’s Not Me,” one of the many standout tracks on her most recent (and very good) solo album, The Voyager. There are references to The Golden Girls, Troop Beverly Hills (much to Vanessa Bayer’s delight), and, of course, The Wizard.

Daniel Stern must be pissed that Fred Savage grew up to be Fred Armisen.