This ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Picked The Worst Day To Declare His Love For Kanye West

Declaring your love for Kanye West is always going to lead to a little bit of heat. No big deal, it’s usually just the sort of lames who still make “fish sticks” jokes in 2016. But yesterday wasn’t a normal day in Kanye’s world. As Jeopardy! started to air in the evening (the show is in syndication, but typically airs right before primetime), contestant Sam Deutsch had the extreme misfortune of seeing an episode in which he called Yeezy an “inspiration” air right after the rapper came out in defense of comedian Bill Cosby.

The kid was always going to catch flak for going on America’s Game (it’s time to stop the lies, Wheel of Fortune) and telling everyone that he’s fully on board with Yeezy 2020. But it’s a bad look to stand with Kanye immediately after he kicked a hornet’s nest. (Of course, this episode was taped months ago and just aired at the worst possible time.)

Deutsch hasn’t backed away completely from his stance on Kanye. His Twitter bio still reads “Yeezy taught me well,” but he has pinned a tweet to the top of his bio that takes Kanye to task.

Deutsch also retweeted his most fervent supporters and haters as the episode went on.

Deutsch won the episode and advanced to the College Championship finals. Seems those lessons from ‘Ye are paying off.

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