Jermaine Jackson Tears Into Donald Trump Over His Comments About Michael Jackson

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02.21.16 8 Comments

Jermaine Jackson isn’t happy at Donald Trump for name-dropping his late brother on the campaign trail. Trump claimed to be a friend of Michael Jackson’s during a CNN town hall before speculating that the King of Pop entered a downward spiral due to bad plastic surgery.

“[He] lost tremendous confidence because of, honestly, bad-bad-bad surgery. He had the worst. He had people that did numbers on him that were just unbelievable.”

Jermaine took to Twitter to refute Trump’s ideas, ultimately questioning whether or not Trump and Michael Jackson were actually friends.

Trump did have a few good things to say about Michael. He called the singer a “genius” and the “greatest entertainer [he] had ever known.” Still, Jermaine took issue with Trump using his brother’s name in an attempt to gain votes.

It’s far from the only controversy surrounding the Republican presidential frontrunner/noted mouthpiece of some of the United States’ worst impulses. He recently shared an unproven story about an American general executing Muslim soldiers with bullets dipped in pig’s blood. Trump shared this story in a positive light, as if executing people in the most horrible way imaginable is something to be emulated.

In spite of this, he still won the South Carolina primary handily. That Canadian island isn’t looking half bad right about now.

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