Jessie Reyez Surprised One Of Her Biggest Fans With The Experience Of A Lifetime

Having fans is a responsibility. It’s a symbiotic relationship, of course, but as an artist, you have to remain grounded in the fact that you wouldn’t be allowed to create, wouldn’t be able to reach the fullest limit of your potential without an audience there to spur you on and support your every move.

Jessie Reyez is someone who doesn’t just have fans — she has superfans. As an artist who writes and sings about a raw and wide-ranging list of taboo topics, she’s created a community of people who find solace, empathy, and salvation in her music. One of those fans recently got the opportunity of a lifetime to come face-to-face with her hero during a recent show in San Francisco.

“I have this fan that’s forever sending me messages,” Reyez said about one of her biggest supporters, a young girl named Ife. “I just think they’re dope and really seem really heartfelt.” For her part, Ife has responded to Reyez’s music in a way that’s hard to describe. “I just think her voice is amazing,” she said.

Thanks to a collaboration with Honda and Uproxx, Ife was recently given the chance to fly out to San Francisco with her friend Asmara and watch Reyez perform live at the Outside Lands music festival. What they didn’t know ahead of time was that they’d also get the chance to hang out with her one-on-one while they were in town. “I’m gonna scare her,” Reyez said ahead of time. “It’s gonna be great!”

It certainly was. After the gig, Reyez donned a server’s uniform with her hair tucked back and showed up to a restaurant where Ife and Samara were dining. But of course, as super fans, they recognized right away exactly who showed up to the table to take their order. “Damn! I didn’t even fool them a little,” Reyez said. What followed was a lot of hugs, wide smiles, and a meal that everyone at the table will probably remember for the rest of their lives.

You can watch Jessie Reyez make one of her biggest fan’s dreams come true in the video above.