JID Honors Mac Miller During His ‘Tonight Show’ Performance Of ‘Skrawberries’

JID just dropped DiCaprio 2, which is already one of the year’s most highly regarded rap records. Mac Miller was a friend of JID who provided input on the album, and during his performance of “Skrawberries” on The Tonight Show yesterday (with BJ The Chicago Kid and Thundercat), JID paid tribute to the late rapper.

Before starting the performance, the shot was focused on Thundercat’s arm tattoo of Miller, and JID said, “This is a dedication to a close friend of mine, me and Thundercat’s. I just want to say, everybody: Check on your strong friends.”

JID previously discussed Miller’s impact on the album, saying that he had more time to work on the record when he wasn’t rushing to finish it before heading out on tour with Miller like he was supposed to:

“I had more time to go back and be like, ‘All right. I ain’t gotta rush it because we ain’t going on tour right now,’ you know what I’m saying? I got time to think. I ain’t really go back and change like too many lyrics but I touched on them, gave them a little inflections, make the project better type of shit. Added the Method Man record and finished the shit with Drama.

He touched on like five or six songs on the project, you know what I’m saying? Before he passed. Like ‘Scrawberry,’ he’s the reason that shit sound like that. Produced by [J.] Cole, Masego played on it, Ron Gilmore and Elite played on it, BJ Chicago kid sang and Mac Miller arranged it.

Watch JID, BJ The Chicago Kid, and Thundercat perform “Skrawberries” above.