Jim Breuer Claims Brian Johnson Isn’t Taking His Rumored Exit From AC/DC Well

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It is always sad to see the giants of rock deal with the inevitable troubles of aging. The most recent was AC/DC’s lead singer Brian Johnson, falling to the sidelines with the band after some apparent trouble with his hearing popped up. Johnson famously took over the lead singing duties with the band after the passing of Bon Scott, helping the band record their greatest album to date, Back In Black.

Now it would seem that Johnson is on the outs with the band due to his health, nothing he can really help. But his status with the band might be more up in the air than previously thought, according to an odd story by comedian Jim Breuer. Breuer discussed a chat he had with Johnson on a recent episode of his The Metal In Me podcast, sharing that the end may have come a bit sudden:

‘Hey this is what the doctor said, but let’s try to figure this out. Let’s see what’s going on here, I don’t think it’s as bad as he said it is.’ Literally the next day in the press, it was ‘Brian Johnson, tour canceled, he’s losing his hearing…

“Then he’s like, ‘You know what? I would really like to finish and do some shows. I think we can knock this out.’ Then all his luggage that he toured with showed up at his driveway. There’s been no calls. No, ‘How’s your hearing? How’s your health? What’s going on?’ Boom. Here’s your s—t, nice to know you.”

Having all your luggage show up in the driveway isn’t exactly a sign of confidence from your band, but it seems to get worse from there according to Breuer’s initial story:

“There’s been no answer (from the band),” Breuer said. “He feels like he heard from someone that they already hired somebody, it just hasn’t been announced yet. (Brian) said it went from ‘It’s canceled to ‘Now we’re gonna do it, but it’s gonna be like karaoke with guest stars.’ ” According to Breuer, Johnson added, “I feel like I’ve been kicked to the curb.”

Now initial reports ran with Breuer’s original story as solid fact, forcing the comedian to post to his Facebook page in order to clean up the story a bit. He still claims that Johnson seemed hurt, but that some of his details may have been exaggerated a bit.

This did not work as well, so he decided to create a video response to the entire story claiming that he didn’t “directly quote” Brian Johnson and he hopes that AC/DC finishes their tour in style. The whole thing is quite confusing, but it isn’t like Breuer is just some dude without a connection to the band. Likely just wasn’t his place to speak out, forcing some sort of clean up. Or it’s rubbish.

No matter what, AC/DC without Brian Johnson just won’t be the same.

(Via Loudwire / Jim Breuer)