Jim Jefferies Recalls The Time He Was High On Mushrooms And Face-To-Face With An Offended Axl Rose

Jim Jefferies is always good for a story and always good at saying whatever he wants despite the location. While this story about taking a bunch of drugs and getting lectured by an offended Axl Rose might be tame for his own Comedy Central show, it probably isn’t the typical story for the audience at The Tonight Show. Luckily Jefferies doesn’t care, so we get Jimmy Fallon laughing his way through the interview while glancing at the band and his producers. At least that’s how it looks, which only adds to how fun the interview is in the end.

It all stems from a show Jefferies performed in Las Vegas ahead of Guns N’ Roses. He was given some strict time guidelines to follow, which wasn’t an issue at all but it did open the door for Jefferies to joke about Rose’s history of being late for shows. Jefferies’ show went off without much trouble and he ended up partying with a Stanley Cup winner backstage with his bag of magic mushrooms. Things went about as well as you’d expect, so he ended up doing more mushrooms and some cocaine before going upstairs to the type of party you’d hear about on Behind The Music.

Then Axl Rose beckons him. Jefferies is in no shape to refuse, plus it turns out that Rose is a comedy enthusiast. He just can’t take many jokes about himself, including the stories that he was arriving late for concerts and leaving early. It’s honestly a pretty good Axl Rose impression and Jefferies quickly tries to make it clear that he meant no offense by the joke, comparing it to the same way a child tries to lie to his or her parents when they’ve been drinking. He tries to ask for a photo but is denied at first, all before Rose intervenes and changes his mind to pose for this shot:


It could’ve gone a lot worse. Axl has clearly mellowed a bit as the years have flown by.

(Via The Tonight Show)