Jim Jones Previews New Music With Migos And Juelz Santana

For anyone now rooting for a Jim Jones revival, here’s news that should interest you. When it was announced Capo signed a deal with Roc Nation, one of the immediate questions was if that would entail new music. The answer to that is “yes” and Jones has shared a quick preview of a new tune with Migos.

The teaser comes in the form of an Instagram video that captures the song playing in the studio while Jones and all three Migos vibe out, Dusse bottles in effect. What stands out as well is the fact that Juelz is present so maybe he’s in the mix for an appearance with his Dipset brother on the song or other material Jones is working on. If the budget is there, nabbing a Migos feature makes sense since they’re trending at the top of the charts these days. Thankfully though, Jones opts not to ape their flow, sticking to what’s tried and true for him. He raps, “I was hanging with the dealers then, still hanging with the dealers now, They know I just signed a deal, so they ask how I’m feeling now.”

Of course, Capo’s riding a wave of good will of his own after his recent radio interview made the rounds. In the clip, Jones gets deep into his feelings and shed a couple of tears while waxing nostalgic on his role in the rise of Cam’ron and later The Diplomats, reminding people of how strong and influential the collective was in their prime. The thought of Jones and Juelz rekindling some of that magic for new music is nice, but it sure would help if some mystical force could compel Cam’ron to let bygones be bygones and join them.

Anyways, Jones later shared another pic of himself in the lab with Jeezy so there’s the strong possibility of a Snowman-ByrdGang song in the future as well.