Jimmy Kimmel Is Bringing Back Mash Up Mondays And, Yes, Color Me Badd Is Involved

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You may remember when Jimmy Kimmel started doing “Mash Up Mondays” on his late night talk show back in February. He had a couple different musical acts and had them perform together. It wasn’t so much about the way the musicians would sound together, but about giving them dumb puns for names. Morris Day & the HAIM, Aloe Blacc Street and so on. However, in this modern late night landscape where dumb stuff and nostalgia is the primary currency, nobody can blame Kimmel for “Mash Up Mondays,” and we cannot blame him for the fact he is bringing it back.

Yes, “Mash Up Mondays” is coming back this November. The only information that we seem to have so far is that the first mashup, which will air November 2, will feature Color Me Badd, the popular early ‘90s pop-R&B group, and country singer Brad Paisley coming together. Yes, they are (obviously) being billed as Color Me Bradd.

This is an off combo, considering the fact these two musicals acts have nothing in common. However, there names combined into a very easy pun, so here we are. One can only presume that Paisley will be joining in on a rousing rendition of “I Wanna Sex You Up.” As for the other groups, just think of some musicians that can be combined into a pun. There’s a 90 percent chance you will get one right.

(Via Stereogum)