Jimmy Kimmel Parodied Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Video As Only He Could With A Dollar Store Shopping Spree

Drake had the hip-hop world in an uproar after his “God’s Plan” video dropped last week. The Toronto rhymer unabashedly reps the 6, but decided to come stateside for what he deemed the most important thing he’s ever done. The budget for “God’s Plan” was $996,631.90, and Drake spent every penny of it. He didn’t blow it on elaborate sets or vehicle rentals however – he gave it all away to Floridians in need. The good deed has inspired a range of commendation and commentary, so it’s only natural that it inspires some comedy as well.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to parody the video with the help of the show’s very own Guillermo. Kimmel’s foil set out to imitate the video — except Kimmel gave him $100 to run wild with in a .99 cent store. Armed with a stack of ones, Guillermo set out to do his own good deeds – but the reaction wasn’t quite as touching as “God’s Plan.” He offered to buy an entire grocery store one 99 cent item. He gave an older man a dollar for a loaf of bread. Guillermo even made it rain on a poor lady trying to purchase a blanket. The kicker is when he offered a woman a $96 dollar “Guillermoney” check and told her, “It’d be great if you cried and you thanked me.”