Jimmy Kimmel And Stephen Colbert Spoof Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Video

06.28.16 3 years ago

It’s only been a couple days since Kanye West released his new music video, the highly anticipated and controversial “Famous,” but it’s still managing to reverberate throughout pop culture. As you probably know, the clip depicts a slew of naked celebrities (or at least their wax and/or silicone imitations), including his ex, Amber Rose, his wife, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Bill Cosby, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, former president George W. Bush, and his own stepmother-in-law, Caitlyn Jenner, all of whom appear to be passed out or just barely awake and stirring in an impossibly huge bed. Jimmy Kimmel, who famously “feuded” with Ye a few years ago, referred to the video as “exceptionally Kanye-esque.” Well said.

While the video, like all art, deserves to be criticized, and many who are “in” it (and some who weren’t) have been offended by what they’ve felt Ye’s bizarrely degrading depiction, it’s also easily satirized. Both late-night hosts Kimmel and Stephen Colbert have weighed in with their response this week by showing audiences their own spoofs in the form of “unseen footage.” Colbert’s cameo is awkward and disarming — proving, in case there was any doubt, this is a guy you’d rather have a beer with than an orgy with. Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo makes an appearance while the host makes jokes about mattress commercials. Kanye has yet to weigh in on the comedy, but he’s famously good humored about himself, so it should probably be fine, right?

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