JLo and Marc Anthony’s Divorce Won’t Stop Their Reality Show

After two kids and seven years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez and her husband Skelator Marc Anthony are calling it quits.  The announcement was made to People on Friday.  The question on everyone’s no one’s mind was, “But what about the reality show they were going to do?”  They were developing an international talent show called ¡Q’viva! The Chosen (promo and relevant JLo .gif below) with Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment and Endemol.  The plan was to travel across twenty-one Latin American countries later this year looking for undiscovered, talented performers.

A spokesman for XIX Entertainment tells Deadline, “They’re both committed to ¡Q’viva! and will work on it as planned.”  Since no English or Spanish language stations have yet signed to distribute the show, this divorce may help drum up interest.  I mean, would you rather watch a married couple with plastered-on smiles trying to project the image of a perfect marriage or a recently-divorced couple judging a talent show together?  That’s entertainment.  I’m not so hot on the title ¡Q’viva! though.  Is Taco-flavored Keeses taken yet? 

Here, I made you a .gif:


[Video via the official website]