Joanna Newsom’s New Music Video Was Directed By Paul Thomas Anderson

Harp-playing throwback Joanna Newsom’s last album, 2010’s Have One On Me, was three discs long. That’s a lot of music (over two hours!). She must have been tempted to pare down for her next record — maybe a 7-minute metalcore EP with only two harp solos — but nope, Divers, which Newsom announced today, is a double album due out Oct. 23 on Drag City.

Paul Thomas Anderson, who worked with Newsom on Inherent Vice, directed the music video for the album’s debut (and very good) single, “Sapokanikan,” the first time he’s done so since Fiona Apple’s “Hot Knife” in 2013. It’s simple, but worth watching for the #JoannaNewsomFaces alone.

She always looks like the happiest golden retriever puppy.