Jodeci’s Mr. Dalvin Provides An Update On The Group’s Biopic

The massive success of BET’s surprisingly great New Edition biopic has everyone feenin’ for more television movies about their favorite R&B groups. One name that was heavily thrown around was Jodeci. On top of incredible talent and their status as contemporary R&B kings, K-Ci, Jojo, Mr. Dalvin and Devante Swing have enough drama to make their biopic a weekly HBO mini-series. Alleged drug abuse, alleged domestic abuse, in-group fighting. They weren’t called the Bad Boys of R&B for nothing. Well feen no more because a Jodeci biopic is happening and has been in the works since it was announced last year. And now we have another update!

Jo Jo and Mr. Dalvin stopped by a radio show recently and confirmed that a Jodeci biopic is coming later this year. In fact, they’re shooting next month! “They signed the process last September. They finished the script, and it’s going into production next month. So we’re looking at an end-of-the-year release.” As for what channel we can expect Jojo @ 1:50: The Jodeci Story, Dalvin says VH1, revealing, “They bought the rights. They won the rights.”

Casting for the highly anticipated biopic is also coming soon with an announcement coming in the near future.