Joe Biden Will Speak At SXSW About His Cancer Intiative

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Amid a wave of bands you need to see, pop stars looking to strengthen their #brand and bands that Jimmy Kimmel’s writers just made up, former Vice President Joe Biden will speak at SXSW. Biden will discuss the White House Cancer Moonshot he headed while serving as vice president, and he’ll also reveal his own ongoing cancer-fighting initiative now that he’s out of office.

Biden’s talk will take place on March 12 at 3:30 p.m. at the Austin Convention Center. All attendees of SXSW will be able to attend Biden’s speech. Most importantly, it means that Biden is back in the public eye and this Brian Grubb classic can be revived.

SXSW already has tons of announced and official performers — before we even get to all the people who are just going to show up and play. Highlights include Open Mike Eagle, Slugger singer Sad13 and Pill. Musical speakers will include Beats 1 super-DJ Zane Lowe, Chic member and famed producer Nile Rodgers, Kesha and Kris Novoselic. There’s also going to be a Twin Peaks-themed diner, if you’re into that sort of thing. Check out the full lineup here.

The festival has been in hot water in recent days after language that said the festival could call immigration authorities on international bands should they violate their policies was found in their band contracts, however the festival has defended the language.

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