Joe Budden: Lupe Fiasco’s Scared Of Me And Mickey Factz Is An ‘Easy Target’

Joe Budden’s beef list saw a new challenger in Mickey Factz after the Bronx MC dropped a diss towards Budden a little less than a month ago. While people are still confused as to what inspired Factz to write a song in 2016, much less one directed at Budden, there are those who were wondering if Budden would fire back. Joey sat down with talk radio personality Star to discuss his feelings and what he had planned next.

“You know what? I want to,” said Joey when Star asked if he was going to respond. “I want to. Just to let him know that he can’t tie my f****** shoe. Just to let him know. Just to smack him around and put him in his f****** place.”

The Jersey native said he already told Factz he was going to answer him and Factz has been pestering Joe since. Joe admits that he was too busy “dissing someone else” to respond to the Factz but the minute he gets back into a studio, a response might happen.

Mickey isn’t the only person on Mouse’s hit list though.

Joey and Lupe got into a friendly back and forth on Twitter after Joe said Lupe was afraid of him. Someone made mention that Lupe would outrap Joe and Joe retorted that Lupe would “have to prove that.” Lupe fired back with a meme that said “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me right back in” then later with a tweet that said “Don’t think I won’t make an exception for you.

Seems like Joe Budden might be a little busy for the next few weeks.