Joe Budden Is ‘Ready To Get Money’ With Diddy’s Revolt TV After Leaving ‘Complex’

When Joe Budden cut ties with Complex media, home of his popular Everyday Struggle web show with DJ Akademiks and Nadeska, fans wondered what was next for the outspoken former rapper and current interview guest button pusher. It looks like they won’t have to wait long to find out, thanks to a New Year’s Day video post from Diddy’s Revolt TV titled “Is Joe Budden Jointing Revolt?” where the two personalities contemplate the year ahead with each other.

In the video, apparently shot during a holiday party attended by both, Budden and Diddy (AKA Brother Love) seem to confirm the internet rumor that the pair has linked up to create content in 2018. While the video is sparse on details — while being heavy on that patented Diddy cash talk — the pair do share an undeniable chemistry. When Diddy asks Budden, “Are you ready to get money with me,” the normally curmudgeonly former host shoots back a question of his own: “Are you ready to get money with me?”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Budden interview of any sort without an offhand reference to one of Budden’s many, many fractious relationships within the hip-hop community. “What’s up with you and Migos?” Diddy prompts slyly toward the end of the video. “I love the Migos,” replies Budden coolly. Call it residual holiday spirit, but we’re sure he’ll be back up to his old tricks — a new outlet, same old Joe.

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