Watch Joey Badass Put A Shakespearean Twist On Kanye West’s McDonald’s Poem

08.23.16 2 years ago

Fans of Joey Bada$$ are already very familiar with the Brooklyn MC’s skills. In a little under five years, the Pro Era rhymer has built up quite the discography for himself. But what many were not expecting was his surprisingly quality performances on USA’s runaway hit Mr. Robot. Appearing as the recurring character Leon on the highly-rated techno thriller, Joey caught a lot of people off guard with his acting chops.

Following in those footsteps, the “Devastated” rhymer showed up to Hot 97 to chat with DJ Megan Ryte and to recite one of the written word’s most majestic works: Kanye West’s poem about McDonald’s from Frank Ocean’s zine, Boys Don’t Cry. Yeezy’s ode to the best fries in the Fast Food game (non-Chick-fil-a division) has been enough of a viral hit, that others have decided to cover it. Some rappers just got it like that.

Joey’s version is pretty good, especially considering that he’s a “professional” now, but it’s impossible to deny that we gotta hear Yeezus himself spit this golden arches bars. We can only hope that when Kanye goes out on his Saint Pablo tour later this Fall, he dedicates a few minutes outside of his diamond encrusted fencer’s helmut/Eyes Wide Shut mask and talks about something that us normal people can identify: the taste of those sweet McDonald’s fries.

(via Brooklyn Magazine)

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