Joey Fatone’s Hot Dog Kiosk Accidentally Sparked A Shooting Scare At The Mall

Pop has generally been good to Joey Fatone. On Thursday, a number of loud pops were not good for Joey Fatone, or the customers at Florida Mall, for that matter.

On the off-chance you haven’t been crossing off the necessary dates on your calendar, it was previously revealed that the *NSYNC alum would be opening a hot dog joint called (what else?) Fat Ones on September 10. No more buying Sbarro from a former member of BBMak for you! Unfortunately, an unexpected turn during an inspection of the not-yet-opened eatery caused a major scare.

According to Florida’s WFTV, mall management scheduled a fire suppression system test at Fat Ones. During the test, a number of loud successive pops were generated. Here’s how deputies described the situation:

“The Orange County Fire Inspector was there as a witness to the test, but did not conduct the test. An announcement was made on the PA system informing shoppers and employees the test would be conducted. The test consisted of six large balloons popping consecutively, followed by a fire alarm. This caused people to go into panic mode and run.”

WFTV reports that four people were sent to hospital with minor injuries as a result of the commotion and witnesses say people literally shouted “they’re shooting, they’re shooting.”

Ideally, the grand opening of Joey Fatone’s Fat Ones goes a tad smoother.

(Via WFTV & Eater)