NSYNC’s Joey Fatone Is Opening A Hot Dog Stand In An Orlando Mall

joey fatone giraffe
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Joey Fatone was never the most popular member of NSYNC (although he was a role model for slightly chubby guys with horrible haircuts everywhere), or the one with the most successful movie career. He didn’t win Dancing With the Stars. He only hosted The Singing Bee for one season. He didn’t make it out of Jersey Shore Shark Attack alive. But Fatone hasn’t stopped believing in himself, and he’s ready to open the best damn hot dog stand in a Florida mall.

Not just any Florida mall, either, but Orlando’s Florida Mall, the future home of Fat One’s Hot Dogs & Italian Ice. “After years of working on television food shows,” the Fat One himself said in a statement, “I’m excited to open this new venture which is a combination of who I am, where I’m from, and where I’ve been. Launching Fat One’s at The Florida Mall, where I roamed as a middle school kid, felt like a perfect fit for our first location.” It will presumably open near the Orange Julius that looks like it hasn’t been renovated since 1994.

The Orlando Business Journal reports that the stand “will serve 100 percent angus beef hot dogs in a variety of styles, including Rueben, Gone Hollywood, and Boybander, which will include five mini hot dogs to represent the five former band members of NSYNC.” This is exciting news for anyone who’s ever wondered if Fatone or Chris Kirkpatrick tastes better.

I know the shark’s answer.

(Via Billboard and Orlando Business Journal)