Johanna Warren’s ‘Inreverse’ Video Is A Beautiful Dance Display Set To Gentle Folk

01.10.18 2 months ago

When she’s not making music, Johanna Warren serves as a healer (she’s a certified Reiki Master), and even though that’s not directly what her new video for “Inreverse” is about, it shares that same naturalistic-yet-mystical energy. The clip for the soft acoustic folk track features Warren and another dancer (Marley Chamoi Taylor) in white leotards and garments gently navigating the space of a black room. She summarized the clip succinctly on Twitter: “If you like trancing out to babes and flowy fabric, this one is for you.”

Warren previously said that Gemini II (the upcoming album the song is from) is the second of a pair of records about a relationship with her ex, which she describes as a “twin flame” scenario: “All the songs on both records are about a complicated three-year relationship with a Gemini man. It was very much a ‘twin flame’ situation. We were working with bright light and intense shadow.”

Gemini II comes out on February 16th. Warren also has a supremely busy touring schedule this spring, with a concert just about every night from mid-February to early May, so find her upcoming tour dates below.

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