ESPN’s John Clayton Met Slayer And Gave Us This Photo Of The Year Nominee

Last year, ESPN reminded so many of us why we once loved the Worldwide Leader with a hilarious SportsCenter commercial that starred the metal-loving football analyst John Clayton, rocking out with his hair down in his very own Slayer t-shirt. People went absolutely apesh*t over the commercial, because Clayton had been just this ordinary dork with a robotic ability to update us on everything NFL, and here he was related to all of us John Q. Devil Signs.

Naturally, the guys in Slayer enjoyed the commercial more than anyone – in case you haven’t seen this must-watch interview with the band from last year – and it all came full circle on Friday night in Seattle, when Clayton met Slayer’s Gary Holt and Kerry King after their show.

(Image and awesomeness via @KimGrinolds)