John Fogerty Performed With Mumford & Sons And The Vaccines As His Backup Bands Saturday Night

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09.16.13 5 Comments

John Fogarty and Mumford

Fresh off of getting kicked out of one of the most entertaining strip clubs on the face of the planet, the guys in Mumford & Sons headlined the Gentlemen of the Road festival in St. Augustine, Florida on Saturday night. The Emmy-winning band was supposed to be sharing the stage with another Emmy-winning band in fun.; however, a last second illness caused the latter band to bail, leaving a decent-sized hole in the middle of the show’s lineup.

As if someone shot a classic rock signal into the sky, John Fogerty came to the rescue on last minute notice to fill in, and the role of his backup band was covered by Mumford & Sons and The Vaccines. Fortunately, one concertgoer was smart (and sober) enough to capture their performance of “Down on the Corner,” and I dare you not to tap your foot for the next three minutes.

(Via NME)

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