A Lock Of John Lennon’s Hair Sold For More Money Than Your Annual Rent

02.21.16 2 years ago
Beatles At Buckingham Palace

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There’s a lot a person can conceivably do with $35,000.

You could make an important repair to your home. You could put it toward your or your kids’ college tuition. You could buy a nice car or go on an amazing trip or just invest it and hopefully watch it grow.

Or you could buy someone’s hair.

OK, OK, not just anyone’s hair. It’s a lock of John Lennon’s hair and it indeed went for those 35 Gs on Saturday by way of the Dallas-based Heritage Auctions. It seems the Beatle swung by a hairdresser in Germany way back in 1967 to get a little trim in preparation for shooting a movie called How I Won the War.

Well wouldn’t you know, that German barber kept some of Lennon’s locks and now, nearly 50 years later, a memorabilia collector from the UK by the name of Paul Fraser dropped the $35,000 just to have it. Take a look.

That’s a lot of hair. Anyway, be on the lookout the next time you pass by a barber shop in Europe. Your student loan, credit card or car payment debt could well be gone —  or at least lessened —  if you somehow come across the right musical and pop culture icon’s hair clippings.

(via Billboard)

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