Yoko Ono Celebrated John Lennon’s 75th Birthday With A Giant Human Peace Sign

Yoko Ono decided to celebrate her late husband’s birthday a couple of days early (he would’ve been 75 on October 9) on Tuesday, getting over 2,000 people to participate in creating a giant human peace sign in New York’s Central Park. The symbol is fitting for the iconic musician, mostly known for his everlasting impact and influence during his time in The Beatles, as well as being a strong supporter of peace. (Well, kind of.) The location was fitting, because Central Park has a section called Strawberry Fields, where hundreds of Beatles fans congregate every December to mourn on the anniversary of Lennon’s death.

The celebration also served as an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest human peace sign, and although Ono didn’t succeed (according to a Guinness representative that was on the scene, over 5,000 people would have needed to attend in order to break the record), she still managed to bring a lot of people together for the occasion. Participants received an #imaginepeace wristband, as well as watched performances and speeches from Ono and Kinks founding member Dave Davies.

You can see aerial footage of the event above, and some moments from attendees below.

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