According To Yoko Ono, John Lennon ‘Had A Desire To Have Sex With Men’

John And Yoko
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Fans of the legendary rock group The Beatles have always wondered about its prematurely fallen member John Lennon. Questions often arise like what kind of music would he continue to make or would the band ever have put their differences aside. Yet, despite this substantive mysteries, one continuous question would always seem to pop up involving John’s sexual orientation, especially when rumors began to spread about an alleged affair with the band’s openly gay manager Brian Epstein, back in 1963.

Now, talk surrounding the late singer’s sexuality has once again resurfaced due to a new interview. Speaking with The Daily Beast in honor of what would have been the icon’s 75th birthday, Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono said that both of them saw bisexuality as a natural thing.

“John and I had a big talk about it, saying, basically, all of us must be bisexual. And we were sort of in a situation of thinking that we’re not [bisexual] because of society. So we are hiding the other side of ourselves, which is less acceptable. But I don’t have a strong sexual desire towards another woman.”

She also added:

“I’m sure Brian Epstein made a move, yeah… [Lennon] just didn’t want to do it, I think. I think he had a desire to [sleep with men], but I think he was too inhibited.”

“The beginning of the year he was killed, he said to me, ‘I could have done it, but I can’t because I just never found somebody that was that attractive.’ Both John and I were into attractiveness – you know – beauty.”

Unless someone else who was just as close to Lennon as Ono was also talks about this someday, looks like this’ll be the most we ever learn about the singer’s sexuality and relationship with Epstein (we tried to unravel the latter earlier this year).

In the same interview, Ono talked about Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, and how she still fears him:

“One thing I think is that he did it once, he could do it again, to somebody else—you know. It could be me, it could be Sean, it could be anybody, so there is that concern.”

The interview touches upon a lot of other stuff, including what Ono does now (which includes overseeing Strawberry Fields in Central Park). Recently, the artist attempted to break the world record for the largest human peace sign in Central Park, gathering over 2,000 people but needing 5,000 in order to break it.

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