John Mayer’s New Jewelry Collection Looks Like It Belongs At An Art Fair

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If there’s one thing musicians love, it’s hawking ridiculously overpriced merchandise to their fans. It’s not even malicious, it’s just that hey, they have to make some money too, right? Kanye West does it. Travi$ Scott is guilty as well. Even our Queen Regent Beyonce charges an absurd amount of cash for her relatively cheap to produce merchandise. But John Mayer may take the cake for the shabbiest and most overpriced products on the market.

John apparently has been selling shirts, sweaters, hats, bag and patches on his website for quite some time and now for the fall he’s expanding his brand into the jewelry market. Mayer has collaborated with jeweler George Frost on a five-piece collection of unisex jewelry because nothing says “I just threw this shirt on, and didn’t bother showering today because my hangover was too intense but I’m here,” more than jewelry by John Mayer.

It’s a wonder that the line took a collaboration with a real, actual jeweler because the necklaces and bracelets aren’t much more than strings with beads on them. No, really, look.

So what will those two strings and dozens of beads cost you if that tickles your fancy? A whole $160. Plus shipping. And tax. Ouch. A cheaper model with just one string and the same paperclip clasp coasts $125. As a bonus, the colors on the necklace are arraigned to spell out a specific message in morse code. So if you have a particular affinity for the phrases “Born And Raised,” “Love Is A Verb,” “Neon” or “Wildfire,” well John has you covered.

There’s also several bracelets, ranging from $50 to $105, and a $195 “Love Is A Verb” necklace, and all five items can be purchased at John’s online shop here. Or made by a kindergartner anywhere, whichever works best for you.